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How to approach covid & post covid yoga practices


The main symptoms faced by most of the people during covid-19 were headache, nausea, running nose, body aches, fever, trouble in breathing, fatigue and coughing.   With good intention we would like to introduce you some of the self caring contents which can be useful during and post covid symptosm.   

- Drink plenty of warm water; which helps to clear the throat and maintain body hydrated.   Also, it helps to not let the virus to spread towards the lungs to get bronchial infections.   

- Take some steam bath; personally it helped a lot to sweat it out and relieved the headaches and muscles pains.   If you don't have a steam machine then use the electric cooker and a pot which uses to boil the water (add tiger balm or aroma oils to clear out the nasal paths) with a lid on top of it with half open.   Cover the body with a blanket and take the steam to forehead, face and around chest.   It helped me to relieve the mucus around the nasal cavities and relieved the headaches

- Wipe body with hot towels; boil the water then add a towel into it then use that hot towel to wipe the body muscles and joints wherever you feels pain.   It helps you to sweat it out and relieves the muscle and joint aches up to some levels.

- Take plenty of Vitamin-C & warm soups ; sweet oranges are good to take and gives plenty of Vitamin-C.   Warm food regenerate the energy better for you than the cold food.   Especially, after having a warm soup most of the practitioners felt comfortable in body and doing things.   

- Take Sun Bath: keep your room ventilated and take enough sun bath during covid positive which helps to refresh physically and mentally.   

- Wash your nose: washing nose and doing jala neti with light warm salty water was very helpful during the covid to clear the sinus and nasal path.   Also, it helped to relieve the headache and felt better.

- No exercises; during covid positive avoid body straining exercises including yoga asana and pranayama practices.   Heavy breathing and heavy exercises during covid positive will make things more worst by spreading the infections more to deeper lungs.   Finally, yoga is a practice of cultivating patience.   And this is a right time to slow-down and give more rest to the body.   Meditations are good to continue.   

Post Covid Yoga Practices

Even though after becoming negative from covid positive; it's better to take the daily yoga practices gently.   Do not try to bring your complete potential practices back in one day.   Most of the post covid symptoms practitioners kept for a long period of time is regular coughing and mucus deposit around throat, sinus areas, lost taste and smell capacity, weakness in strength, breathing problems, etc.   Even though we become covid negative, it's better to give enough time to relieve these all symptoms which might be we holding with us for longer duration too.   Gentle practices are wonderful after becoming covid negative which helps to get back your breathing order and physical strength gradually back.   A strainful practice with heavy breathe and high frequency heart beats can be unhealthy and riskful.

Slow is new life style!   Slow is healthy!   Slow is beautiful!   


Above contents were taken from self awareness during covid positive and talks done with the covid positive students during and after covid. This contents doesn't have any medical supporting evidances or not equal to medical treatments.   Experiment these contents in your body with good awareness.   This may be help you or may be not.   Give it a try!

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