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5 Key Points of Your Practice


Yoga is a holistic approach life-style.   It touches many different dimensions of life and practices.   You can choose to approach yoga with different aspects which you feels have connections with you.   But, same time you must have to remember that all aspects of yoga better to be in one single-complete practice too.   Who knows after 5 or 10 years later you regret that you couldn't add the missing aspect in your practice.

1.   My practice is my practice: Our practice is just our own.   What is my flexibility, my strength, my health conditions are different to others.   I can't compare that with others.   I am very much UNIQUE.   So my practice to be too.   Don't compare or compete with others practices or don't even compare my practices with previous days or years too.   We all changes as the time goes towards getting old than young.   But, we do have to accept that reality and be in that present moment of practice is wonderful than comparing and competing.   Always believe, my practice is m y practice and I am UNIQUE.

2.   Breathe is the key of practice: Doesn't matter how larger your breathe or shorter.   But, it must to be with a rhythm in it which don't fluctuate with different pitch.   It's like a symphony, a consistant rhythm in the breath is important.   Longer or shorter breathe is depend on your lung's size and capacities.   What have to follow in your practices is finding that your own rhythm in your breathe without bringing any pause or suffocation in it.   

3.   Meditation is Yoga: Even though we practices physical or mental or internal or spiritual practices in yoga; the main fact is; it all leading to a non-magical process of yoga which is meditation.   Don't loose that quality in your practices which is with meditation.   If you move your limbs then aware that you moving.   If you breathe then aware that you breathing.   If you listening instructions of teachers then aware that instructions.   Don't let your eyes wander around others poses or lululemon clothes or sexy hamstrings as your gaze to view that all wandering things while you in your practice.   Let your eyes to be still where the teacher gives to fix the gaze; Drishti.   Let your senses to be sharp in all the time close to your body and close to your center.   If magic happens then it happens through that meditation of being awareful only.   No other short-cut in it.   

4.   Control the Diet: Yoga is about simplicity.   It always have values when we take that into our life with that simplicity.   So do have to maintain that in our diet too.   Being vegetarian then wonderful.   If you are non-vegetarian then let it be.   But, have the meals moderately and satisfying.   Don't eat too much even though you feels still can eat more.   Indigestion is the biggest disease in the modern world.   We must have to eat light and be light.   Avoid eating fibrous meats, too oily, too spicy foods and too much sugary food.   You will feel there is a growth in our practice and lightness in body brings wonderful feeling as we goes on our yoga life.   Asana or breathing exercise alone never gonna complete your practice without a diet control.   Diet is the most important medicine which uses even in Ayurveda, Yoga and in Traditional Chinese Medicine.   

5. Work with your Fears: Fear have different dimensions.   Getting into poses fear, managing the work fear, facing difficulties in life fear, can't name anymore in it; every dimension with fear.   What we trying to manage through simple yoga poses is same.   We put ourselves into a crooked difficult position where we suffocate with breathe and fear.   But, we keep go on again and again to that poses day by day; month by month to aware that it was not that threatening and all is well there too.   We manage to be a WARRIOR in our own life to face the difficulties with a smile and calmness.   That's what we work in yoga even though we work with yoga poses or breathe control.   Why don't we face that fearing things with courage to be a WARRIOR.   Bringing out that INNER WARRIOR of being.   

Try it out these 5 key points in your practice; if you accept it's convincing.   

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