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Yoga brought us all a magical experience in body and mind from the first day when we arrived on the yoga mats.   But, we don't know that presently seeing yogic practices are developed by yogis/yoginis through thousands of years with the help of authentic yogi's self observances on nature and through their own personal experiences.   There are many debates on talking about true purpose of doing yoga.   It varry from person to person and yogis to yogis.   They all taken their own ways to experience it and they found what best for themselves.   What we learning from our yoga teachers are the contents what they gone through their own teachers and their own faithful experiences through practices.   Their understanding towards one lineage might be gives an idea of itself; but understanding towards other lineages might be lesser and lesser as it not clear or unknown to them.   That vast diversity within the yoga itself created a vast ways of research and development in our generation where the information passes so fast too and it continously developing in all manner.   There are few tips are leaving for yoga beginners whose thirst is very fresh and whose curiosity are tremendous.  

Select One To Learn Better

Yoga is a process of learning than just doing it for body.   To understand better select one style of yoga in beginning.   If you don't know what suit for you then better you can try few ways to find the best for you.   You can try it out few sections with few styles of yoga; the one which makes you most lighter, calmer, balanced and inspiring ones are the one which you may need to begin with it.   You can ask your yoga mentor for guidance too.   Yoga teachers mostly they can't give you the best as they don't know what you feels the best inside yourself.   They knows only what they felt the best.   I will tell that try it out all and feel it inside your own; finally yoga is a process of self-dependant and being a strong mind person from inside to out.  

Be Commit-Do it with Dedication

It's a commitment which you doing with yourself; that's what yogic practice is about. It's not just for your body; it's for yourself something you do faithfully with total dedication.   Put a structure for your regularity in practice.   Beginners better practice with ON & OFF is good for the fast growth.   One day practice then take one-two days off; then second-third day come back on the yoga mat.   Once you begin to feel your muscles can faster to adapt changes then keep your practices weekly 5-6 days and take off 1-2 days per week.   Select one teacher in beginning; it's not for yoga teacher marketing; it's for yoga practitioners sake saying it.   A yoga teacher observe's students body and practices for many days then they can learn things from your body.   It will take time for teachers to begin even adjust your yoga postures physically.   The techniques most of the yoga teachers uses for one student is not completely correct for other students even though all student's physiological appearance from outside looks similar but the frameworks are different in reality.   Change the teachers once you done with them to explore more in your path. Be regular in practice and do it with dedication.   Mind will give many excuses to disturb the consistancy of your practices as when you have time then practice and when don't have then don't practice.   That will not bring any growth and one day they will stop doing yoga without yoga ever influenced in their life.  

Be a Student & Make it Simple!

Keep your yoga practicing space as a very special space where you keep your all stresses of bags outside and keep that space always a space to recharge yourself.   Keep that space like a temple where nothing else have importance other than your practice.   When you enters a yoga studio; remember that this is a space I want to keep all my complications and confusions outside of it.   This is a space where I learn things for myself.   Enter the space with happiness; sit down and meditate more in there; make positive vibe friends; ask questioins to teachers which are more genuine and mostly about yoga; avoid chit-chat with your yoga teahers.   Keep a space with them; so I can approach to them and ask when I am in confusions.   That space what we maintain with them make it more convincing in their answers too.  

Take Yoga Into Daily Life

If you taking yoga as a serious process to understand yourself then take that into daily life than just keep that for physical-gymnastic postures.   Yoga simply helps you to develop your concentration. Begin to be a good observing person which you gained through your daily yoga practices- CONCENTRATION.   That observing character of what you developed through yoga is the one which can give you the correct knowledge on YOUR life.   Do everything mindfully.   Do it with awaken state.   Put all yourself in your moment of life where you exist.   If you talks then completely be in that talk.   If you walk then be in that walk; if you work then be completely in that work; if you reading a novel then be yourself completely in that.   This is the benefits of yoga.   Being single pointed person.   Multi-task and cultivating mind and your actions with different directions will just make your life hell of it and you are the one will be doing that to yourself; no one else can blame for it.   Do one thing at a time; faithfully, mindfully, carefully and do it with passion.   That's what yoga can bring into our life.

Read Genuine Books

When you want to learn more about yoga or life; read more genuine books which they have plenty of experienced writings which the writters gained from their own faithful experiences. I will tell that don't input JUNKS into your knowledge which are not genuine.   We live in internet world where we can see many writings and ideas of people which they written from their own experiences; same as this article.   Be selective in what you input to your knowledge.   Control that habit to input the knowledge which are necessary for yourself.   Remaining JUNKS keep it out.   That will bring more peace.   Some time knowing less is better than knowing JUNKS!

Be a Master for Your Own

Even though you reads yoga books; you listen the experiences of your yoga mentors; internet-ananda(bliss) & junks and yoga friends; be a master for your own.   Always you go through your own self-existance and independant. You can accept and respect everyone's knowledge; but finally you must have to go through your own self-assessment and try it out what you learnt.   Experience that knowledge through your own practices.   After that you can come with a conclusion of your own; a faithful one which suit for you to make you the master of your own.   No magic have in yoga to make you to be there being a master.   Everyone become a master for themselves when they become strong enough mentally to face the world with a smile and breathe calmly while faces the struggles.

Don't Kill Your Time in Yoga;

Use it Meaningfully

Life time is very valuable.   Use it meaningfully.   Same as the time what you spend for yoga too.   Yoga is a serious practice for serious practitioners.   Yoga is an entertainment and socialising platform for who looking that as entertainment and socialising platform.   Personally, my words might be strong to imprint that take your practices seriously as doing it for your own body and mind.   Don't do it for others.   If you are doing it then do it faithfully and meaningfully.   Don't use your yoga time to kill the time.   Most of the time we end up in injuries during "killing the time" in yoga too.

Love Yourself - Love Yoga

In yoga, everything is a way to go inward; self.   In Yoga, nothing have to go outside.   If anything in yoga practice inspiring to be outside then that's just a compliment.   Bring yourself back to understand that it's all about MYSELF.   It's a process of going inward to understand MYSELF.   My goodness, my kindness, my lightness, my knowledge, my weakness, my strength, my careness, my love, everything is about MYSELF.   Nothing is about That in Yoga.  

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