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Hatha Yoga - Self Explorations


We heard about many different types and styles of yoga in this modern era.   Yoga is a life style or a daily routine which helps to bring harmony in every par of life.   Most of the yoga in modern era which we practices is Hatha Yoga.   Hatha Yoga is a branch of Raja Yoga.   Some of the researchers tells that Hatha Yoga is a modernised version of Raja Yoga itself only.   Also Hatha Yoga Pradipika of Swami Swatmarama clearly says that Hatha Yoga is a ladder to climb into the practices of Raja Yoga only.

“Sri adinathaya namo’stu tasmai yenopadisa hthayogavidya

vibhrajatepronnatarajayogamarodhumicchoradhirohini va

Pranamya srigurum natham svatmaramena yogina

kevalam rajayogaya hathavidyopadisyate”

Hatha Yoga Pradipika 1.1-2


“We offer our salutations to the first expounder and master of universe who has preached the knowledge of Hatha Yoga which shines or stands as ladder / stepping stone for them who wish to climb and reach the highest peak of yoga known as samadhi or Raja Yoga.

Prostrating towards Nathaguru, the knowledge of Hatha Yoga is being preached by Yogi Swatmarma only for the sake of Raja Yoga.”

Hatha Yoga Pradipika 1.1-2

What is this Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga the combination of







Asanas are physical postures, which help to prepare the meditation.   The greatest obstacle which we faces during a meditation is the physical uncomfortableness and pain in the joints.   A regular and correct Asana practices keep the physical body comfortable and healthy.   In modern yoga studios we mostly practises are Asanas (physical postures) which is just a small part of Hatha Yoga.   Classical yoga postures have tremendous physical, mental and spiritual effects on us.   Practising it correctly opens our limits and freedom in physical and mental planes.   


Pranayama is control of Prana (Vital Energy / Life force).   Even though Pranayama looks like physical breathing exercise, it’s more subtle practice.   It helps to improve vitality and keeps body systems healthy.   Most of the time Pranayama practices it alone out of Asana practices.   Increasing the lung’s capacity and alkalinity of body are few physical benefits of a regular Pranayama practice.   


Bandhas are energic locks which helps to preserve vital energy same as Mudras, also it’s the key practices which awakens our inner energies including the Kundalini Shakti (Universal Energy).   In modern Hatha Yoga, we use of the bandhas as safety locks to to prevent injuries in dynamic types of asana practices.   Bandhas helps to keep the spine and internal organs healthy.   


Kriyas are periodic cleansing techniques.   Regularly cleaning our internal body it's called Kriyas.   Cleaning our body from outside is a common routine.   But regularly cleaning our internal body is important.   Most of the diseases comes because of keeping our internal body dirty.   Kriyas helps to detoxify our body and it helps to maintain the internal organs comfortable.   


Mudras are gestures which helps to preserve the vital energy.   There are different forms of Mudras in yoga.   Hand gestures, physical gestures, etc

Most of our yoga practices are physical.   These Asanas; physical practices; alone can’t bring harmony and get a get a comfortable body.   Pranayama, Kriyas, Bandhas, Mudras and diet also must have to be maintained with the Asanas practices to gain an output from these practices.   Also, doing it regularly in a devoted and dedicated manner is important too.   

Hope it is helpful for you, if yes, then don't hesitate to share it with your friends.   A piece of knowledge is better than nothing.   Om!

Rajeev, ERYT500