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5 Points of Yoga Practices by Rajeev

When we practice yoga, we feels good then it works good. It's a practice which penetrate from outside to inside us without we knowing it.   We just know that it feels good after every practice of it.   It's very refreshing even though when I am doing; it makes me exhausted.   Here we would like to introduce you the 5 key points of yoga practices which we need to maintain

1.   Do it for self - Don't bring competitions into it
It's a practice of self surrender and slowing down life and breath.   Every time when we step on the yoga mat; steady ourselves for few minutes.   Remind ourselves with our intention of practice.   I am doing this is for myself; doesn't matter what outcome from it; I am gonna do it without expecting any competition in it.  

2.   Feel the breathe; feel the movement & feel the existance
It's harder to breathe or feel the movement in beginning.   Keep trying and give enough time for every inner world to settle down to feel the things.   Yoga is not about imitating the poses or doing things.   It's about we feel it what's going on while we do it.   It's a process of cultivating the sense of feeling to grasp things.  

3.   Be curious & Find it our own
Ask ourselves at the end of each practice for a moment that what I learnt today through the practice.   What I felt through today's practice the most.   Take a moment to observe what and how you felt it.   That self understanding by our own is the knowledge what we gain through yoga.   That knowledge what we finds our own is the stepping stones in our practices of growth

4.   Be consistant in practice
Life is busy, everywhere!   Spare that time for body and mind everyday with most importance for it.   A body and mind without stable is effectiveless in daily life.   Do it with the most precious and most important thing of the day for ourselves.   Do it consistantly and do it with devotion

5.   Read & research
Having a reading habit about yoga and it's vast ideas will give a boosting in our path.   Ask questions to our teachers and find the answers. Always be a curious student to know more about self and body.   Keep read and research on it.  

What we practice; we feels good and it will remain always good!  

Our Studio Locations

Jiangsu Road Studio
Room 8 A, No 121 Jiangsu Lu
Zhongxi Mansion
Changning District

Zhenning Road Studio
Room 10 A, Xin An Mansion
(West Building)
200 Zhenning Road
Jing’an District, Shanghai
上海市静安区镇宁路200号(欣安大厦) 西楼10A

What we offers:

Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa classes are semi-dynamic practices very wonderful class to begin and try out the dynamic style of yoga. Focus more on creating foundation in Ujjayi breathing, breathing synchonised movements (simple flow sequences), bandhas and transitions.

Classes are static and semi-dynamic make the practice more comfortable.   These classes are liked by those who taken yoga as a challenging sports and also whoever taken dedicated practices.   Friendly recomend that attend our Hatha 1 kind of classes before enter these types of classes

Slow Flow
These classes are a transition space for the beginners and style of yoga where the postures practiced as single seed to a regular vinyasa practice.   These classes will be filled with the basics of Ujjayi breathing, breathing synchonised movements (simple flow sequences), bandhas and transitions.   

Classes are static and semi-dynamic make the practice more comfortable.   These classes are liked by those who taken yoga as a challenging sports and also whoever taken dedicated practices.   Friendly recomend that attend our Hatha 1 kind of classes before enter these types of classes.

Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga Classes each postures will be guided with clear instructions, alignments, benefits and verbal and hands on adjustments will be done.   True classical hatha practice will be holding the postures longer to feel the breathe to chanellize the prana; vital force to every part of the body.   Also, it's very static meditative practices than other types of dynamic practices.

These classes will be the best way for a beginners to enter to create a good foundation and understanding about yoga practices.   The classes will be filled with improvement of awareness, pranayama (breathe control) and meditation.   

Ashtanga Yoga
Ashtanga is a challenging lineage of Hatha Yoga focused on building strength and endurance that naturally leads to a relaxed mental state. This dynamic sequence of postures, known as the Primary Series, combines focus with continuous movement.

A proper Basic Ashtanga practices must to be done before entering into these classes where the whole primary series will be following through.   Understanding of whole primary series and early preparation of body & mind is recommended before entering these type of classes.
Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga classes are passive yoga practicing classes.   Postures will be held longer with relaxed body muscles.   A good way to de-stress and relax completely through a practice.   Yin Yoga promotes the yin (moon / calming) energy withus to ground and prepare for the meditation.   Yang (sun / active) energy life styles or environment like Shanghai need the best practice in a day time or to finish a day is Yin Yoga practice.   Yin Yoga practicing alone we don't promote.   Yin yoga practices are the practices to balance the Yang practices.   So, make sure you have weekly yang (active) practices or active daily life to add up this yin.

Alignment Classes
Alignment classes are for those who would like to know more about their body, skeletal - muscular system, yoga postures and alignment of yoga poses.   Understanding about the body and postures take us to another dimension of improvement of awareness; this is the key purpose of these classes.   These classes are filled with theory and practices.   Number of postures in every class learning will be limited than any other regular classes.   

If you are expecting a work-out or stretches then this class is NOT the one you need to enter.   

Meditation classes are very self reflective classes.   It's a good way to remove the negativities stored in our subconscious and replace that with the postivities.   

These classes will be placed with light music and gentle instructions only.   There will be no physical stretches or activities will be doing in it.   It doesn't mean Meditation is the easy yoga, it's the most challenging class.

Pranayama, breathing exercise classes are more relaxing and de-stressing one.   These classes are to improve the breathing capacity and vital energy through diet control, regular practices, breathing exercises and cleansings.   Teacher will be guiding you through the proper process of practicing pranayama, precautions and benefits will be explained in these classes.

Students with breathing problems, high blood pressure, panic attack or recent surgery finished person inform teacher about it before begin.  
Yoga Teacher Training
50hrs / 100hrs - As YACEP
200hrs / 500hrs Yoga Teacher Training - Approved by American Yoga Alliance
Yoga originated from India and it's a life style, practice, culture and it is a medicine for mind and body.   Studying just asana and techniques are not only the way to know yoga better.   Knowing it's origin from the roots and transmitting that knowledge to the next generations as it is the purpose of yoga teachers.   And our purpose of conducting these training is transfer the knowledge of yoga as it is without loosing any essence of it and adding the modern concept of yoga within it.   

Drishti Vinyasa Yoga Shala conducting Yoga Teacher Training Course - Hatha Yoga - Vinyasa Yoga -   since 2009 in Shanghai, China and Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.   Our trainings are internationally approved and our yoga schools are registered in American Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga School (RYS200)
Our Shalas (Drishti Vinyasa Yoga Shala-Trivandrum & Drishti Vinyasa Yoga Shala- Shanghai) are   Registered Yoga School in Yoga Alliance.   Our teacher training are internationally approved and it is certified by the American Yoga Alliance from 2012.   Yoga Alliance is an organization which governing the quality of the trainings and teachers in U.S and globally.   
Graduates from our school are eligible to register in Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).   Know more about Yoga Alliance in their website www.yogaalliance.org

Yoga Continue Educating Programs (YACEP)
Approved by American Yoga Alliance
Embark on a journey to continue your yoga education, deepen your self-development, and share your heart more fully. Our continuing education program brings together a host of experts in the fields of yoga philosophy, anatomy, advanced postures, meditation, creative sequencing, Ayurveda, personal development and living yoga.

The subjects chosen for our curriculum embody our continued vision of supporting teachers to be vital and fully expressed human beings. Our continue education program has been designed to be affordable, convenient, and incorporates a retreat experience where you will explore the teachings and practices of yoga without the responsibilities of day-to-day life.